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  • Parent/ Teacher Conference
    March 19th, 2015 from 12 pm-6:30 pm.
    Please click on the link below and find a convenient time for you to meet with your child's teacher.  If you need to meet with more than one teacher, please sign up accordingly to leave yourself adequate time to go from one meeting to the next.  We want to stay on schedule in order to show respect for everyone's schedules.  
    Thank you for your cooperation. 
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  • AzMerit

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  • Dear BCHS Parents and Faculty,

    In an ongoing effort to continue to improve how the discipline process is handled at Boulder Creek, the administration along with the in-school suspension monitor have made changes to how our in-school suspension room will be conducted on a day to day basis. These changes are to be put into place to continue to improve how we discipline, to hold students more accountable while they are in ISS and to provide a guided curriculum while in ISS to try to help correct behavior.

    As of February 2, 2015 the ISS instructor will have a scoring rubric in place that tracks the compliance of the student that has been assigned ISS. This scoring rubric will take into account such things as showing up to ISS on time, completing the work that is assigned, completing a student rights and responsibility quiz, working on a curriculum that is specific to the offense that the student commits and a new component to ISS, helping to clean the cafeteria in between lunches.

    Students who do not achieve a score of 86 points or higher, based on the rubric, will be assigned an additional day of in-school suspension as a consequence. If a student has multiple days of ISS originally assigned, each day will be scored separately.

    The administration at Boulder Creek High School thanks all of you for your support while we make these changes. As always, if you have any questions please contact us and we will be happy to answer them for you.


    The Administration of Boulder Creek High School


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  • Open Enrollment 

    New Electronic Application Web Address for Open Enrollment. 
    For Parents to have the best opportunity to be accepted in to the school of their choice please click here.   

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  The Jaguar Pride received a rating of Superior with Distinction at NAU Band Day this past Saturday. We were the only band at this competition that earned this rating! A rating of Superior can be compared to an 'Exceeding' score on the AIMS test. A Superior with Distinction means that we 'Exceeded' in all six adjudicated areas (Music-2 judges, Visual, General Effect, Colorguard, and Percussion). Because of the band's recent success, we are the #2 ranked band in Division 1. Divisions are decided by total number of band members that perform. This is our first year in Division 1 and we are the smallest band in the division - 97 members. Our division includes bands that are 154 members (SDOHS) all he way to 190+ (Corona del Sol high school). The Jaguar Pride can hold their own!
Out of 130 Altos, we have first and second chair Alto in the All-State Jazz Choir.
First Chair, Daphne Seitz (senior) scored 99/100 points.
Second Chair, Alexis Morse (senior) scored 98/100 points. 
In the Jazz Clinic choir we had one student place:
Fifth Chair, Peyton Wayne (Junior).

Out of 142 Sopranos that tried out for the All-State Jazz Choir, we have the first chair soprano.
First Chair, Taylor Ellsworth (Junior) scored 290/300 points.
Tenth Chair, Jackie Juarez (Senior).
2nd Alternate, Peyton Wayne (Junior)
5th Alternate,  Julia Davis (Junior)
5th Chair, Daphne Sietz (Senior)
8th Chair, Sonia Tomaso (Junior)
11th Chair, Sam Kunselman (Sophmore)
12th Chair, Andrew Tortorella (Senior)
First Alternate Tenor, Ryan Gorman (Senior)
Fourth Alternate Bass, Tanner Johnson (Senior)

We had the second most amount of students in the show choir, and we had 2 kids make the All-State Jazz choir. There was not a school that had more than 2 in that choir. I am so glad we are able to represent Boulder Creek with these numbers. It is a reflection of the school and the talent it possesses.   

 Civic Engagement  

The Arizona Department of Education has once again recognized Boulder Creek High School as an Arizona Civic Engagement School!  The Arizona’s Excellence in Civic Engagement program recognizes and support schools in their efforts of ensuring we have an educated and engaged citizenry.

For more information on the  Excellence in Civic Engagement Program, please go to http://www.azed.gov/civicengagement/.




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