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FIND it Fast
  • Shelly Negron Welcome to what promises to be an amazing year at Sunrise! The staff and I look forward to working together with you to provide the best possible educational experiences for your children.

    This year, Sunrise will continue our use of the systems approach to continuous improvement which teaches students goal setting, putting them in charge of the results of their learning and ongoing measurement of progress towards academic goals and objectives. While we work to increase student achievement in all areas of the curriculum, a specific area of focus will be math K-6. You can help us to reach our goals through your participation in the various parent engagement activities that will be offered this year.

    We will also continue our implementation of MicroSociety, a comprehensive approach providing an authentic context for learning. Believing that kids learn best by doing, in a MicroSociety school, children are motivated to learn through engagement in the connections between the classroom and real life. MicroSociety is a nationally recognized program where children work together to create a miniature society, complete with their own currency, laws, and economy.

    Sunrise continues to seek partnerships with businesses and parents that include mentoring, training for students, donations of goods, and monetary support for training and materials. If you can volunteer or support in any way, please contact us at 602-467-5900.

    We look forward to working with you and your child!


    Shelly Erwin-Negron