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Before and After School Care Registration/Enrollment

Registration and Enrollment – What is the Difference?

Registration is the process we refer to when we collect the required information and documentation on a particular student which is the foundation for “enrollment” into a specific program.  Some of this documentation is required through our AzDHS licensing and must be available to each site your child will attend, as required by law.   We consider “registration” an acknowledgement that you intend to “enroll” your child into a specific program.  The “registration” gives our site personnel the basic information they need regarding who will be attending their programs, and it is a pre-requisite for “enrollment” into the program.  Download registration forms here:

Enrollment (or reservation) is the process where you will reserve the specific days for Summer Camp and/or choose the annual reservation plan for Before & After Care at the sites and programs for which you registered. Enrollment for Summer Camp may be done online at http://activenet.active.com/dvusdce or by submitting a paper enrollment form to Community Education.  Enrollment for Before & After Care will require paper submission. You may enroll at the same time you register if you know your upcoming needs, or you may enroll at anytime throughout the year.  We do encourage you to register early to take advantage of the Preferred Parent Partner incentives, even if you choose to enroll at a later date. 

Before & After Care Enrollment

  • Enrollment is for the school year
  • Student must attend school at the same location as the Before & After program
  • Annual enrollment is payable in ten equal monthly payments
  • Payments due 1st of month, August through May
  • Release days and holidays are factored into the annual fee
  • Winter and spring break camps
    •  will be held at select regional sites to be announced
    •  are not included in Before & After enrollment
    •  are subject to additional fees

Activenet is the web-based software program that DVUSD Community Education utilizes for tracking registrations and payments of students enrolled in our programs.  Accounts in the Activenet system are family accounts and require a password for entry.  You must have a password, and an activated account, to use the online system. 

  • If you are new to Community Education and have never registered or enrolled in one of our programs, a new account will need to be established.  You may do this at any time and we encourage you to create a family account at http://activenet.active.com/dvusdce prior to registration/enrollment.  We will then use this new account that you created when we process your registration/enrollment, and no further activation will be required.
  • If a member of your immediate family has been enrolled in a Community Education program over the past several years, you already have an account, which may or may not be activated for you to access online.  This includes
    • Preschool/Pre-K (tuition based through Community Education)
    • Kindergarten Extended Day
    • Before & After Care
    • Summer, Winter, or Spring Break Camp
    • Most after school enrichment classes
  • If you are already making online payments or viewing your account online, your account is already activated and no further activation is required. 
  • If you have an account but do not have online access, please
    • Visit http://activenet.active.com/dvusdce and create an account for you only (please do not create new accounts for others in your family)
    • You will receive notice from Activenet that your account has been approved
    • Your account will now need to be “activated”
    • Contact your payment processor and ask for activation
    • The new account you created will be merged with your existing account and you will now have access to your family account
    • The person who was designated on your registration form as the “payer” is the person who must log on to make payments
      • Tuition payments may be split among two or more persons
      • Each person must have their own password
      • Arrangements for multiple payers must be made in advance with your payment processor
  • Once your account is activated and your registration is confirmed, you can utilize the website for payments, enrollments and account reviews.

**In accordance with Arizona Department of Health Services licensing requirements, and for the safety of your child, all addresses must be complete with street (No P.O. boxes), city, state, ZIP code and local telephone numbers (including area codes).  This includes parents or guardians, employers, doctor, hospital and a minimum of two emergency contacts other than the parents or guardians.  In the event of an emergency, physical addresses must be available for authorities to contact in person if unable to reach someone by phone.