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My.Maricopa:  Once you are a registered this is going to be a very important link for you! This is where you can access your account, review payments, see what you owe, order transcripts --- all things Rio! Remember you will need your MEID for this!
Not sure how to use my.maricopa? Here is a power point to help you: How to Use My Maricopa

 Important Upcoming Dates:
  • Math Accuplacer: Wednesday, April 19th, 
  • Reading Accuplacer: Friday, March 31st
  • WritePlacer: Wednesday, March 29th
  • Make-Up: Tuesday, April 25th at 2:15pm (after school only)

If students do not test on site here at Ridge they are going to have to go to a testing center on their own time over the summer.  If they do not test, they cannot earn college credit.

Are you scheduled to take ENG 101? You need to take the WritePlacer! You will take this through your junior ELA class! If you scroll further on this page you will see all the prep materials you need!
Are you a sophomore planning on taking any non-math dual enrollment classes during the 2017-2018 school year? These classes include: ENH 110, HIS 103/104, SPA 101/102, BIO 160, CRW 150, PSY 101, and SOC 101. If the answer is yes, then . . . Have you already taken (or are currently taking) a dual enrollment class through Rio Salado College or any of the other Maricopa Community Colleges? If you have, then you do NOT need to take the reading Accuplacer.

If you have never taken a dual enrollment course, AND you are planning on taking a non-math dual enrollment class here at Ridge next year, then you must take the reading Accuplacer as a college admissions requirement! You will do this during your sophomore ELA class! Your ELA teacher will tell you more about this!

 This link has more information about preparing for the reading Accuplacer:

Have any dual enrollment questions?
If you have lingering questions or concerns, email me and I will do my best to get you the info you need:
Other helpful sites:
Dual Enrollment Registration Information
Important Dates:
Will be updated soon! 
Remember that your registration process will differ depending on whether you are a new Rio Salado student or returning Rio Salado student!  A new student means you have never taken a class at any of the 10 Maricopa community colleges! If you are unsure, please ask me! :)
Fall 2016 Dual Enrollment Flyer: Click on the flyer for everything you need to register!
Not sure how to find your 8 digit MCCCD that you need for registration - this power point will help you: How to find your 8 digit number for Registration 
*Once you have your MEID and 8 digit student ID number locked down, save it somewhere you have easy access to it! 
Student Registration Information:
  1. Go to  to complete registration steps and print paperwork.
  2. New students must be admitted to the college before registering for classes. (New means you have never taken a class at Rio or any of the 10 Maricopa community colleges)
  3. Paperwork is submitted to your dual enrollment teacher. If you are taking multiple dual classes you can give your registration to any of your dual teachers. Important: You will NOT prepay for your classes! You will pay once you receive your enrollment information!
  4. Registration paperwork is processed by the college within 7-10 business days. Thank you for your patience if this process takes longer!
  5. Students receive an enrollment confirmation email and postcard! Once you have this --- you will need to pay!
Important Information:
  • New students MUST complete admissions before registering for classes.
  • Students will be dropped from class(es) if they have not paid by September 22nd, 2016. 
  • Register for both Fall and Spring classes at the same time - for example ENG 101 (Fall) and ENG 102 (Spring).
  • When you register be sure you look at the period when you select your section! 
  • If you have taken dual enrollment classes previously you CANNOT register through - you have to go through the main Rio link! If you try to go through my.maricopa you will eventually be told that you cannot proceed because you have a hold on your account. You don't really have a hold on your account - you just cannot register online through that site.
  • Submit registration for all classes at once (not one packet for every class).
  • When you print out the PDF of your registration information please leave the "Designated Official Page" blank - that will be filled out at the campus level. That isn't for you to fill out. 
  • If you are a NEW to Rio Student: You must submit proof of identification with the registration packet you turn in to your teacher. This could be a copy of your driver's license, OR a copy of your birth certificate, OR a copy of your current passport. Be certain ALL information on your ID can easily be read! It is your responsibility to bring the copy of your identification - your instructor won't be able to make copies for you! You can make copies in the media center - there is a copy machine there! Also, if you are submitting a birth certificate it MUST be accompanied by a copy of some type of photo ID - and a copy of your MRHS student ID would be acceptable!
Once you receive your enrollment confirmation (via email and/or postcard) you can then pay!
Please keep in mind that it will take some time to receive your confirmation that you have officially been enrolled! You will first turn in your paperwork to your teacher at Ridge, your teacher will submit your paper work and all registration information will be verified, and then it is sent to Rio to be hand entered into the system. Once your information has been entered into Rio's system you will then get your enrollment confirmation!
How do you pay?
 Option 1 Go to Student Center ( to pay online or create payment plan
 Option 2 Mail check to the college: Rio Salado College, 2323 W. 14th Street, Tempe, AZ, 85281.
 Option 3
 Call cashiers office to pay with credit card - 480-517-8334
*Have your college student ID number and credit/debit card handy. 
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

Need your MEID to create your eCashier account?

First, log onto the dual page located at 

Then, click on My Maricopa (located on the left hand side of the page)

You can go through the MEID wizard to get your MEID, but to get through the process it does require that you enter your social security number!

If you have questions, just ask!

For Junior ELA Students: Need to take the WritePlacer?
Important Info for you here:

First. what is the WritePlacer and what is expected of you on this test?

Score needed to enroll: 5 or above

Students are given a passage to read and a question about the passage. They are directed to plan and write a multi-paragraph essay (300-600 words) in which they develop their point of view on the question given. They must support their position with reasoning and examples taken from their reading, studies, experiences, or observations. This test measures a student’s ability to write effectively, which is critical to academic success. The writing sample will be scored on the basis of how effectively it communicates a whole message to the readers for the stated purpose. The score is based on the student’s ability to express, organize, and support their  opinions and ideas, not the position they take on the essay topic. The following five characteristics of writing will be considered:

·         Focus—The clarity with which the student maintains their main idea or point of view

·         Organization—The clarity with which the student structures their response and presents a logical sequence of ideas

·         Development and Support—The extent to which the student elaborates on their ideas and the extent to which they present supporting details

·         Sentence Structure—The effectiveness of the student’s sentence structure

·         Mechanical Conventions—The extent to which the student’s writing is free of errors in usage and mechanics

Below is a an important link that walks you through the expectations in detail! It provides test instructions for the students, sample prompts, and sample student essays with scores and explanations for the scores! I highly encourage you to go through and review this!

Keep in mind that although a score of 5 is what you need to pass, here are the descriptors of what an essay should include to receive the highest score, which is an 8:

An essay that receives a score of 8 demonstrates clear and consistent mastery of on-demand essay writing with a few minor errors. A typical essay with this score:

• Effectively and insightfully develops a point of view on the issue.

• Addresses an appropriate audience and demonstrates a clear purpose for writing in the thesis statement.

• Demonstrates outstanding critical thinking, using effective examples, reasons, and other evidence to support its position.

• Is well organized and clearly focused, demonstrating clear coherence and smooth progression of ideas.

• Exhibits skillful use of language, using a varied, accurate, and apt vocabulary.

• Demonstrates varied and effective sentence structure.

• Is free of major errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation.