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Mentor Induction

Our mission is to provide EXTRAORDINARY educational opportunities to every learner.

In alignment with the Deer Valley Unified School District's Strategic Plan priority area 2, Excellent in Workforce Performance, educators beginning their first year in the teaching profession are enrolled into a three-year Teacher Induction program.  The program is designed to on-board new teachers to learning the district's goals, culture, community, initiatives, and expectations.  The focus is on ensuring that employees have the knowledge, skills, strategies, and beliefs necessary to effectively respond to the differentiated needs of each student.  The Baldrige High Performance Criteria for Education, which supports using a systems approach to continuous improvement, the Arizona Professional Teaching Standards, curriculum and instruction, and effective assessment strategies are the foundation of the program's learning outcomes.  These efforts reflect researched-based understanding of how to improve teaching and learning by encouraging professional purposeful learning communities, high expectations, and the use of data for specific evidence of student progress. 
Improve student learning by accelerating the effectiveness of beginning teachers. 
  • Accelerate and support teacher growth through regular support
  • Provide a guaranteed and viable curriculum
  • Align with the Arizona Teaching Standards
  • Implement continuous improvement practices 

Program Components

  • Provides job embedded professional development for teachers aligned with the Strategic Plan and the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence
  • Ensure best practices implementation are having a positive effect on the quality of teaching and learning, leading to improved student achievement
  • Conduct focused and guided planning sessions related to curriculum, instruction, classroom management, and assessment
  • Monitor the use of student and system performance data to improve student achievement
  • Visit classrooms monthly with reflection conferences
  • Support continued personal professional growth through individual professional development plans and differentiated professional development
Mentor Induction 3 Year Plan
Induction Components:
For all 1st - 3rd grade teachers (starting with Cohort 2014/2015)
Classroom Visits & Reflection - 2 Classroom visits per month with a followup reflection conference
Instructional coaching - Pre-planning, videotaping, writing an instructional coaching plan, and classroom observations (2 rounds for 1st year teachers and 1 round for 2nd year teachers)
Professional Development - 1st year teachers attend a Deer Valley Unified School District 15 hour systems course; 2nd and 3rd year teachers attend one 15 hour professional development module
1st year teachers attend 8 First Year Experience Induction classes 
The district offers guidelines, information and strategies for developing a guaranteed and viable curriculum utilizing a Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS).
Documents listed here provide support in these areas:
  • Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum
  • Deploying a Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum utilizing MTSS
  • Daily guidelines for instructional minutes