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FIND it Fast

DVUSD's Continuous Improvement Journey

The Deer Valley Continuous Improvement Journey is one of alignment and integration. Beginning with the Strategic Plan, and guided by the Baldrige Framework, the district and schools alike, draft Organizational Profiles, that highlight details such as student centered processes, programs, and particulars regarding our skilled workforce. The Organizational Profile also hosts the Deer Valley Mission and Vision Statements, as well as the Core Values that define the DV community. To ensure that continuous improvement is at the forefront of all decisions, Deer Valley seeks out feedback from external organizations that can lead to action. In our quest for effective and efficient process improvements, in which students receive the optimal education, Deer Valley employs the AdvancED protocols to maintain district-wide accreditation.

Deer Valley's Strategic Plan is the framework to focus and align our work through 2018. Thus, the entire Deer Valley organization will be positioned to ensure we are fulfilling the mission and adhering to the overall vision of "graduating life-long learners to successfully compete, lead, and positively impact the world".

Throughout the 2016-2017 school year, DVUSD will be gathering input from all stakeholders in support of refining our core values and strategic plan. We will examine ways to refine, refocus, and recommit to our district’s key strategic objectives. Continuous improvement is a journey, not an event. We encourage you to attend a focus group. Please click on the link to select the session of your choice: 

Deer Valley supports all employees in the implementation of continuous improvement principles aligned to the Strategic Plan. These principles are embedded throughout the organization through a variety of supports, including quarterly feedback for improvement plans. These CI efforts have been encapsulated within our historical story, Our Journey, in which our core values and what matter most to us as an organization are portrayed.  Our Journey to Extraordinary