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Sunset Ridge


FIND it Fast
The following is a list of Sunset Ridge staff, their email addresses, and phone numbers [for teacher webpages, please go to the grade level department pages].
To call somebody directly, you will first dial (623) 445- and then the listed extension below. Note that if you are calling a classroom teacher during school hours, your call will go directly to voice mail, if it is an urgent issue, please call the front office.
Name Title Department / Area Email Phone Extension
Arellano, Lisa Teacher Pre-Kinder 7830
Bartel, Nichole Service Coordinator Student Support Services x7845
Berry, Blake Social Studies Teacher 7th Grade x7859
Blaine, Lori Social Studies Teacher 6th Grade x7868
Bloyer, Tammy Teacher 2nd Grade x7824
Bowman, Sean Social Studies Teacher 8th Grade 57862
Byrn, Lynn Principal Administration x7804
Caruso, Kim Teacher 2nd Grade x7839
Chapman, Derek Science Teacher 6th Grade x7870
Chitwood, Vicki Registrar Support Staff x7806
Clarkson, Christine Math Teacher 8th Grade x7863
Coiro, Vicki Sage Teacher Gifted Services x7857
Colon, Carley Service Coordinator Student Support Services x7856
Coon, Patricia Psychologist Student Support Services x7820
Costello, Cindy Teacher 4th Grade x7852
Craig, Laura Nurse Support Staff x7811
Creamer, Tracy Teacher 5th Grade x7874
Cusson, Shannon Teacher 5th Grade x7871
Denk, Debbie Teacher Pre-Kinder 7830
Denton, John Music Teacher Special Areas x7878
Douglas-Salisbury, Courtenay Counselor Support Staff x7817
Elitzak, Michelle Service Coordinator Student Support Services x7845
Ferrill, Ryan Service Coordinator Student Support Services x7856
Gelmstedt, Elizabeth Service Coordinator Student Support Services x7876
Giordano, Nicolette Teacher Pre-Kinder 7830
Gottlieb, Kathy Teacher 3rd grade x7848
Grossman, Millie Cafeteria Manager Support Staff x7814
Hartley, Gaylynne Math Teacher 6th Grade x7867
Hauser, Tricia Reading Specialist Student Support Services x7843
Jacobs, Joni Math Teacher 7th Grade x7825
Jenkins, Cari Language Arts Teacher 7th Grade x7860
Kadlec, Tiffany Teacher Kindergarten x7834
Killman, Jeneil Teacher 3rd Grade x7850
Kunz, Caryn Band Teacher Special Areas x7877
Kurasch, Mara Assistant Principal Administration x7802
Leubner, Kimberly Teacher 1st Grade x7836
Lofgren, Becky Library Aid Support Staff x7813
Lopez (Hawkins), Devon Teacher 4th Grade
Lucas, Becca PE Teacher Special Areas x7841
Macevicius,Colleen Teacher Kindergarten x7832
Monestime, Shelly Teacher Developmental Pre-K x7831
Neil, Kristi Accounting Clerk Support Staff x7805
O'Halloran, Connie Science Teacher 7th Grade x7858
Orgill, Erin Principal's Secretary Support Staff x7804
Parrotte, Colette ELA Teacher 6th Grade x7869
Perez, Lisa Program Director Before/After School Care x7888
Rodriguez, Beth Teacher 4th Grade x7855
Rodriguez, Jane EL Coordinator English Language Learning x7822
Rosenbaum, Amy Teacher 1st Grade x7837
Scragg, Mishelle Teacher 1st Grade x7835
Spak, Jeanne Teacher Kindergarten x7833
Strauss, Paul Science Teacher 8th Grade x7861
Strough, Sherri Art Exploratory Teacher Special Areas x7873
Swick, Richard Plant Foreman Support Staff x7815
Terry-Gage, Susan SpEd Strategist Student Support Services x7801
Tewers, Jessica Teacher 1st Grade x7837
Thirsk, Trevor PE Teacher Special Areas x7840
Troftgruben, Sara Teacher 2nd Grade x7838
Warden, Rick Service Coordinator Student Support Services x7897
Whiting, Rachael Art Teacher Special Areas x7846
Wiebe, Stephanie Speech Pathologist Student Support Services x7822
Wilding, Stephen Teacher 5th Grade x7872
Wojciechowski, Ally Language Arts Teacher 8th Grade x7864
Zanzucchi, Joseph Teacher 3rd Grade x7852