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FIND it Fast
Welcome to 2nd Grade!
   Please scroll down to see our student supply list.
Please see this website for support with our Eureka math program. (videos, lessons, worksheets.) 
  2016-2017 Suggested Student Supply List


Plastic Shoebox for Supplies (Mrs. Andrew only)

Pencil box (Mrs. Imdorf, Mrs. Jamison, Miss Matt)

Washable Markers

Box of 24 Count Crayons

Pair of 5” pointed scissors

1" Binder with View 
2 - 3 ring pencil pouches
Inch /Centimeter Ruler

2-Spiral Wide Ruled Notebooks

2-Composition Books

                                                                                             FOR CLASS USE:

1 pkg. of #2 pencils (24 count)

1 pkg. of pencil top erasers (12 count)

2 pink pearl erasers

Yellow highlighters

1 pkg. dry erase markers

1 pkg. glue sticks (12 count)

Sticky Notes

Ream of Copy Paper (white or colored)


Gallon Plastic Bags (Boys only)

Quart Plastic Bags (Girls only)

Paper Towels

Antibacterial Wipes

                                     Treasure Chest prizes (dollar store items)
Candy for the Candy Basket
"Arizona law requires that public schools provide supplies required for academic success.  This list represents optional supplementary items which you may supply at your discretion.  If you have questions, feel free to contact the school."
                                                                                                                   Birthdays Birthdays   
        If you would like to send in a treat on your child’s birthday, please let me know in advance.  Please be aware that all snacks must be store bought according to District policy.  Also, please check to see if the item you are buying does not contain peanuts or peanut oil.  Most bakeries, if you ask, will make goodies with this in mind.