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FIND it Fast

State Tournament Results

  • Science Olympiad State Tournament -  3/25/17
    Bottle Rockets -  2nd Place Medals - Joshua and Brayden
    Hovercraft - 3rd Place Medals - Ethan and Brodey
    Mission Possible - 4th Place Ribbon - Brodey and Ethan
    Optics - 7th Place Ribbon - Brody and Ethan
    Rocks and Minerals - 4th Place Ribbon - Joshua
    Scrambler - 8th Place Ribbon - Ethan and Brodey
    Towers - 4th Place Ribbon - Christian

Regional Competition Results!

Congrats to our awesome team on their accomplishments from the Regional Tournament, February 18, 2017!!
Ecology 3rd place - Victor and Blaise.
Bottle Rockets - 10th place - Joshua and Brayden.
Experimental Design - 8th place - Joshua, Brody and Ethan.
Fast Facts - 9th Place - Joshua and Tyler.
Hovercraft - 3rd place - Ethan and Brody.
Micro Mission - 9th place - Victor and Christian.
Mission Possible - 1st Place - Brody and Ethan.
Optics - 2nd Place - Brody and Ethan.
Road Scholar - 4th Place - Joshua and Brock.
Rocks and Minerals - 8th Place - Joshua and Brock.
Scrambler - 6th Place - Ethan and Brody.
Towers - 5th Place - Christian and Mateo.
Write It Do It - 9th place - Christian and Mateo.
Wright Stuff - 5th Place - Blaise and Victor.


The Science Olympiad gives students the opportunity to put their knowledge of science to the test by participating in two types of events:  Build and Study.  In the Build events, students build a working model that must meet specific requirements.  They test their models, rethink them, and modify them as they learn to make them better.  In the Study events, students research topics and become knowledgeable enough to answer questions about the topics.  For some Study events students are allowed to have notes with them when answering questions.   Meetings are primarily for students to show the team what they have been working on and share ideas. Most building and research takes place at home. We do have supplies for students to use. Please see the full list of events on the Events page. Students then participate in “Invitationals”, and go against other students in the same event.  They meet other students to learn from each other to refine their models and knowledge of the topics.

When We Meet

Science Olympiad Club will meet on Wednesdays after school until 4pm.  Located in Mrs. Rhoades' classroom (225).
These are the dates for the Invitationals, all are Saturdays, mark your calendar, the events will be all day.  Parent's need to transport students.  Specific information about times and addresses will be posted when available.
November 19 in Prescott
December 3 in Queen Creek
January 28 in Surprise

Contact the coaches

Mrs. Rhoades
Mr. Cohon