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"The Important thing is to not stop questioning, curiosity has its own reasons for existing." Einstein
We, the SAGE Students of Copper Creek Elementary School, challenge ourselves to excel in learning by thinking differently, digging deeper and using our best effort to go beyond expectations as we stretch our brains in different directions.

Copper Creek SAGE

Welcome to the Copper Creek SAGE Website.  SAGE is a replacement math at ELA reading program for 3rd-6th grade.  The program is designed to allow gifted students to rise to high levels of thinking and skills as they explore concepts in unique and "out of the box" ways.  Make sure you check out the blog below for weekly updates including project and assessment dates.
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  • The week of 4/17

    Posted by Robyn Cohon at 4/17/2017

    At the bottom of this blog you will find the text of the email I sent.

    This week in ELA Reading:

    5/6 will be reading from editorials and looking at argumentative text and how to choose and verify what sound like evidence.  Thursday the 5th grade will take a post test using various pieces of writing.

    3/4 will continue to Earth with the Little Prince.  Since AZmerit is this week I will only see each grade level around 1/2 the week.


    This week in Math - 

    5th and 6th will revisit and apply all the concepts from this year.  Friday there will be an assessment and everything is fair game.

    4th Grade - since they have State Testing it is a short week and I will postphone any assessment to the middle of next week.  Students will revisit all concepts.

    3rd Grade - since they have State Testing it is a short week and I will postphone any assessment to the middle of next week.  Students will revisiti all concepts.


    Email I sent this week:

    There are many things going on so I am sending out an e-mail to hopefully cover it all.  Some might not apply to your student.
    All ELA Reading classes:
    A choice book Project is due on May 15th.  Students can either download the project sheet or get one from me.  It must be a book read 3rd or 4th quarter and a different project from the first quarter.  It may not be on a book we read for class.
    Wax museum is all day May 16th.  Student will write a short 30 sec or so speech from information from their research paper from the point of view of the subject.  Please do not go crazy spending money on costumes, be creative and cheap.
    Reading logs are due May 15th.
    Math All Classes:
    District end of the year assessments are most likely around the week of May 8th.  These are based on the learning level in class.  The District Assessment can be used to bring up any low grade for the quarter.
    Field Trips
    6th grade Challenger Center April 28th - If you haven't please send in permission  slips and money this week.
    4th - 6th - Biztown  May 2nd.  (Chaperons look for another e-mail this week)  If you haven't please send in permission slips and money this week.  Students will also need a photo release for Junior Achievement (going home this week.  It is important students are on-time, we will be leaving as soon as the bus riders arrive. 
    One last thing:  If students are changing schools please let me know so I can get any paperwork together so they are places appropriately.    ...or just make it simple and keep them here:)
    I think this is everything!
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School #:  623-376-3959

SAGE Notes

  • Reading Logs will be checked for the quarter on 10/10.  Check under the reading notes link for required pages for each grade level.

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  • Parent teacher Conference week is October 24th.  You are encouraged to set up a separate conference for SAGE even if you have no concerns. This gives us a chance to talk about what is happening in SAGE and where we are going next.  Follow this link to sign up.

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    Students Google Drive Login:


    Password:  ID number

    To share with Mrs. Cohon:

    Students can only share and communicate only with other Deer Valley Accounts for safety reasons.

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8:40 - 9:40 (3/4 ELA)
9:40 - 10:45 (5th Math)
10:45 - 11:45 (4th Math)
11:00 - 12:30 (6th Math)
12:30 - 1:00 (Lunch)
1:00 - 1:45 (3rd Math)
1:45 - 2:45 (5th/6th ELA) 
 2:45 - 3:15 Prep
*Please note that some class overlap on time, class structure is designed to work around this and each group has 45-60 minutes of  dedicated  instruction.