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Message from Dr. James R. Veitenheimer, Superintendent

Dr. James Veitenheimer

At this special time of year, it is the perfect time to reflect on all of the reasons we, in the Deer Valley Unified School District, are thankful. And, there are many, small and large.
I am thankful that we had one of the smoothest openings to a school year ever here in Deer Valley. Thank you if are one of many who helped us have an extraordinary start… which included the successful opening of our 38th school, Sonoran Foothills. In its first year, 600 students attend Sonoran Foothills. That’s before we even expand to eighth-grade next year.
We are honored that, for the second year in a row, we are seeing an enrollment increase in our District. I am thankful to parents who continue to entrust their precious children to our nurturing teachers and staff.
We are thankful that we’ve been able to continue programs that provide extraordinary educational opportunities for our students… from STEM programs to our music, arts, and aerospace academies, Mandarin Chinese Immersion, gifted programs, The International Baccalaureate programs, literacy-based preschools, and the list goes on.
We all are thankful that our state leaders have recognized our schools need for additional monies and have created a plan to begin increasing our funding. Closer to home, we are extremely thankful for our community, staff, and for all those who took time to spread the word about our recent M&O Override election and helped it pass.
Deer Valley is so fortunate to have dedicated staff, parents, and community members who work hard on behalf of our students and believe in our mission to provide extraordinary educational opportunities to every learner.
Every day, across this District, I am amazed at the extraordinary dedication by our staff. I celebrate the amazing support you provide our students on an ongoing basis.
I believe that helping children succeed and guiding them to find their path to positively impact the world is one of the most important things any of us can do. That is why I am so grateful to our DVUSD employees.
To our teachers… thank you for dedicating your life to serving our children. You spend hours before and after school doing the extra things that few people see, but that make all the difference for the children you teach.
To our staff… thank you for taking our students’ success and happiness personally. I see the joy in the faces of our children, and I feel the gratitude from parents who appreciate the difference our staff members make for their children.
To our parents… thank you for the many ways and many hours you spend supporting your student. We know that when students feel supported in and out of the classroom, they will achieve their academic goals.
And, to the entire Deer Valley Community… Thank you for holding our District to the highest standards. We need your support and feedback as we work toward continuous improvement and achieving our District goals.
Thank you for all you do to support the Deer Valley Unified School District. May you and your family have a safe, relaxing, and wonderful Thanksgiving break.

Dr. James R. Veitenheimer


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DV University

Deer Valley University is a series of workshops for parents, community members, and staff in the Deer Valley Unified School District.  Deer Valley University is intended to provide participants with a basic understanding of how the Deer Valley Unified School District works.  This year, the DVUSD Governing Board has prioritized 3 aspects of our district as areas of focus for Deer Valley University: Governance, Finance, and Curriculum and Standards. Co-facilitated by Governing Board members and District Administrators, each session will explore the important aspects of the session topic, engage participants in questions and answers, and provide attendees with an opportunity to meet and discuss important topics in a public forum. You won’t want to miss it!

You have two options for attending. Participants may elect to register for and attend all three sessions or may register for specific sessions that are of interest. Either way, we invite you to come and learn about your school district. This class will meet for three consecutive Thursdays in the Governing Board Room at the District Office from 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

How do I register?  You may register by one of the following methods:  complete the online registration form linked below.

Attn: Kim Redding.  You may also call 623-445-5002 or email Kim.

Register early to reserve your space!

Register online.

DVUSD CTE Program Application

CTE Logo It's time to apply to DVUSD Signature CTE programs: Architectural Drafting, Bioscience, Culinary Arts, Engineering,  Future Teachers' Academy, Hospitality Management, Interior Architectural Design, Law Enforcement, Nursing (*CNA Certification Course), Sports Medicine and CTE Internship.


Online Application

Extraordinary Achievements - Fall Edition

We have accomplished so many things already this school year! 
Take a look at our honors, recognitions, and awards from the first three months of the school year.

extraordinary Achievements

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