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Recycle Soft Plastic

The Green Team is partnering with Trex Recycling again this year to collect soft plastic. Even though this material can be “recycled,” it creates problems at recycling facilities by jamming the machines. Let’s help keep the recycling facilities jam free and win another great Trex prize!

What can be recycled?

• Grocery bags

• Bread bags

• Case overwrap

• Dry cleaning bags

• Newspaper sleeves

• Ice bags

• Wood pellet bags

• Ziploc and other reclosable bags

• Produce bags

• Bubble wrap

• Salt bags

• Cereal bags

Reminder, all plastic must be clean, dry and free of food residue, please.

Containers are available in either the front office or in the LMC. 

If you'd like to see what Trex does with all the plastic they collect, click here!

From the Green Team, thank you for your support!