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Fifth Annual Student Voice for Excellence

Student speaking to group on microphone
DVUSD hosted the fifth annual Student Voice for Excellence on December 6, 2016. At that event, DVUSD staff worked to gather actionable feedback from our primary stakeholder group: our students. Students in grades 7 through 12 provided valuable input in support of refining the DVUSD strategic plan. Guided by 17 DVUSD staff facilitators, students engaged in collaborative activities designed to gather their thoughts on the core values and key strategic objectives that are essential to student success.
Throughout the strategic planning process, DVUSD will continue to gather and analyze feedback from all stakeholder groups to support of a future-focused strategic plan for 2018-2023. The second session of Student Voice for Excellence will be held on Tuesday, March 7, 2017 in order to provide an additional opportunity to hear from our students. Please follow #DVUSDStudentVoice on Twitter to read more about this exciting event!

=> Staff, parents, and community members can participate in the focus groups too... In fact, we highly recommend it! See the flyer attached for dates and additional information. Sign up now!