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Beginning of April we are on a block schedule for AZ Merit Testing. On Monday, April 3rd, please report to your 1st period class at 7:30. You will then go to your 3rd period class at 9:24 then your 6th period class at 12:23. This schedule is known as the Red Schedule. On Tuesday, April 4th, we will follow the Black Schedule where you will report to Periods 2, 4/5, and 7. Lunch during both block schedules is either 11:13 or 11:48 depending on your class. We will alternate the red and black schedules for the next two weeks.

The AZ Merit Testing will begin on Monday, April 3rd with the Red Schedule. The first AZ Merit test is the Writing test followed by the Reading test, both tests completed in your Language Arts class and the math tests completed in your math class.

The AZ Merit is not optional. It is a state expectation that all eligible students complete the exams. Your scores may be used for scholarship considerations, college acceptance, or placement criteria for high school classes. If you are absent during a testing session, you will complete the exam when you return.

For schedule and calendar for April, please click on the link AZ MERIT SCHEDULE .