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Yoga Ball Fundraiser


As part of a wellness campaign, the Sports Medicine CTE signature program at Sandra Day O'Connor High School, would like to replace the hard plastic classroom chairs for a much healthier alternative.  We want to get a 1/2 yoga ball for each student to sit on during class lectures and use for multiple other purposes during our labs.  Sitting on a 1/2 yoga ball instead of a traditional chair can improve posture and circulation, engage core muscles and comfortably increase proprioception while learning course content.  The 1/2 yoga ball is more stable and safer than a physioball for classroom lectures, and can be used for stretching and strengthening labs as well.  We are aiming for implementation in 3 classrooms by the end of February 2017.  The cost to order an economical version of 1/2 yoga ball is around $100 each, and we would like to have at least 100 of them to accommodate 3 classrooms simultaneously.