• Class of 2023 artwork

    The class of 2023 for DVUSD high schools walked the stage on May 18th and 19th, capping off a 4-year high school experience full of adversity and achievements. Most of these seniors witnessed the abrupt end of their freshman year with the onset of the COVID pandemic, followed by a sophomore year of distance education and contact tracing. By their junior year, in-person education was back, with their senior year of 2022-23 the most "normal" school year since before the pandemic.

    In addition to this testament to perseverence, DVUSD also evolved its online education into Aspire-- Deer Valley's online academy. On May 19th, Aspire also graduated its first senior class of students.

    Here are several photo albums containing just some of the memories and moments of the commencement ceremonies. Congratulations again to the class of 2023, which saw the world change before their eyes, and now they will change the world before our eyes!