• This course is a reading class and will follow Arizona State College and Career Readiness Standards. The area of emphasis will be basic reading, comprehension skills, critical reading strategies and vocabulary development. Reading is one of the most important skills students will acquire during their education. Reading is the foundation for success in all other classes. This class will work to improve reading skills and strategies and to increase Lexile levels. 

    We will use a reading program called iLit. iLit is a comprehensive, digital reading intervention and English language development program with a proven instructional model for high school students reading below grade level. It is designed to engage students in daily reading, writing and critical thinking skills. Each student will be able to make progress at his/her individual pace. Progress monitoring will be ongoing and continuous. This class is primarily an electronics based instructional model. Students will be able to access assignments through the iLit app on their i-pads.


    Period 1     Language Arts Lab

    Period 2     Language Arts Lab

    Period 3     Language Arts Lab

    Period 4      Prep

    Period 5      Lunch

    Period 6      Language Arts Lab

    Period 7      Language Arts Lab

    The best way to reach me is through email at nancy.gifford@dvusd.org.