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    Welcome to 3rd grade! 

    We will be learning a lot this year! You might be surprised to know that third grade is typically thought of as the most important year in a child's academic career. It's the year that students move from learning to read (decoding words using their knowledge of the alphabet) to reading to learn. Where academic performance and school expectations are concerned, big changes occur in third grade. 

    When children enter into 3rd grade, the level of work and expectation becomes much more challenging than what they experienced in previous grades. The reading passage get harder, the amount of writing gets longer, and the level of abstract thinking in mathematics increases. There is a noticeable increase in homework because this is the year that your child has to memorize multiplication tables and other important foundational information. 

    As a parents, you can help your child lessen the increased stress of performing well at school by offering lots of encouragement. Praise the effort they put into learning a new concept, memorizing facts, or spending extra time to do an assignment well. Be sure to reassure your child that tests and grades do not necessarily determine future success. If you child faces difficulties, or even failure, help them see that these moments are all part of the learning process. 

    I am here to work with you to make third grade the most successful year for your child! 
    Please click the titles of each subject to see Arizona State Standards. 


    We will be improving reading fluency and using context clues to learn new words, derive main ideas from text, and prove our opinions about our reading. We will be shifting from learning-to-read towards reading-to-learn. 


    We will be practicing cursive and composing short five-paragraph essays on a variety of topics. 


     We are becoming experts in multiplication and division! We will be deconstructing word problems and creating a diagram of our math thinking. 


     We will have a lot of hands-on experience investigating light, sounds, and natural processes of the world. We will briefly touch on the topics of space, plant and animal systems, and earth structure. 

    Social Studies:

     We will be learning about the history of Arizona and it's unique qualities and environment. 

    Social/Emotional Learning:

     We will be learning about identifying and communicating emotions, building self-esteem and a growth mindset, building positive relationships, and demonstrating leadership and responsibility.