• New Grading Procedures for the 2023-24 School Year  

    PowerSchool: In DVUSD we use the electronic grade book, PowerSchool, to keep students and parents informed about the grades that will be reflected on your student’s report card. Gradebooks are updated on a weekly basis and every effort is made to record a minimum of two grades per week for each content area. Exploratory classes may have a minimum of one grade per week because of the project/performance-based nature of those classes. Grades are not recorded for introductory skills but are to be an evaluation of academic standards and content mastery. Parents can obtain PowerSchool login information by visiting the school office in person.

    Redo/Retakes: To support mastery learning, students have the option to retake any assessment for a better grade. To qualify for a retake, students must complete activities to support their learning. The student must fill out a contract with a list of actions they will take (for example: complete all missing assignments, attend tutoring, complete a study guide, etc.). The teacher may require specific criteria on the retake contract, and the teacher will provide options for available times to retake the test. A higher grade on the retake will replace the previous grade with no penalty.

    Absences: If students are absent, each teacher will provide the student’s assignment(s) and any handouts or materials necessary for completion, allowing a minimum make up period of one (1) day for each day absent. Teachers may adjust the time allotted based on the individual needs of the student or assignment. In situations where the student will be absent for more than (3) three days, due to illness, or when the parent notifies the office that the student will be absent more than one (1) week for other reasons, teachers may provide required assignments in advance or send assignments with the student. In the event of an absence due to suspension, the student will request work at the beginning of the suspension. That work is due upon return to school.

    Missing/Late Work: When an assignment is missing, there will be an “M”(49%) as a placeholder to help students recognize they are missing work. Work turned in late will not receive any grade penalty as long as the teacher is still accepting that assignment. If students fail to submit the assignment, the 49% will remain as the final grade. The purpose of assigning 49% to a missing assignment is not to reward the student for putting in no effort, it is to mathematically balance out the weight of a 0% so that no single missing assignment will destroy a student’s opportunity to receive a grade that more accurately reflects their performance.

    Teachers may choose not to accept late work after the assessment. Teachers may give a reasonable grace period for work turned in late; however, it is in every student’s best interest to establish healthy work habits and complete work when it is expected. Turning work in late does not set students up for success now or in their future. Turning work in late may be reflected in the student’s citizenship score.