• This information just in from Deer Valley's District office about 24-25 Sports Seasons!

    Deer Valley Unified School District (DVUSD) provides its middle school student athletes with multiple opportunities to compete throughout the school year.

    In 2022-23, we changed the order of our seasons so that we could align with our neighboring districts to offer more athletic opportunities for our students. Not only do we have the opportunity for post-season regional championships, but we now are opening up in season tournaments hosted by high schools throughout all three districts (Dysart, Peoria and DVUSD).

    We also needed to make a change to the order of our seasons due to the fact that we were experiencing a shortage of game officials in previous years when the sports seasons coincided with the high school seasons. By making this change, we had one of our best years in regard to official coverage!

    Both the high school athletic directors and the district athletic directors believe that the current seasonal format is best for the long term development of our athletic programs.

    The continuation of our current season schedule will allow us to continue and grow our partnership with the Peoria and Dysart Districts, as well as allow us to continue to build our connections between the middle schools and high schools within our own district. As our middle schools compete outside of the high school seasons, this will allow for high school coaches and assistant coaches to become more involved with our middle school programs.

    As we continue to move forward in partnership with our high schools and neighboring districts, our goal is to provide as many athletic opportunities for our students within DVUSD. We look forward to a great 2024-25 school year!

    Fall Season:

    · Baseball

    · Softball

    Winter Season:

    · Cross Country

    · Boys Volleyball

    · Girls Volleyball

    Spring Season:

    · Boys Basketball

    · Girls Basketball

    · Spiritline


    All you need can be found on the PH website.  You will see all the sports on the left side of the page.  You will also see Register My Athlete.  All forms on this website MUST be completed on Registermyathlete.com prior to trying out.  I DO NOT ACCEPT actual papers on the day of tryouts!  If you need help, come by and see Mr. Slawson after school, email, or call, however, is not an option in the summer--you can try email, but I do not check it often and I will get back to you as soon as I can.  There are some forms that will need to be printed, filled in, scanned or photoed, and then uploaded back to the computer.

    There are three sections to this process.

    Section 1 is Electronic Documents, which will have several forms to read and electronically sign.

    Section 2 will be Final E-Signatures that will need to be read and signed.

    Section 3 will be the Physical Documents. There are 4 parts to this section. Each one of these you will have forms to fill out and then, once completed, you will need to upload them back to the program.  The Physical Evaluation (6 pages that you fill in with information and take with you to the doctor), the Physical Examination (1 page that you place your name, date of birth, and age only--the doctor will fill out the rest), the Brainbook certificate (you must take the course by watching the videos, take the quiz, and when you have passed the test, you will receive a certificate that you upload), and the Emergency Contact Info (1 page and please do not forget to fill in the insurance information)

    There are 2 parts to the physical Documents.

    Part 1--Physical Evaluation (5 pages) You will need to fill out one section, which is about family history and health.  Take this with you to the doctor and they will fill it out and sign it.

    Part 2--Physical Examination (1 page) is for the doctor to fill in when he/she does the physical.  The only thing you fill in on this page is  your name, your date of birth, and your age.

    When this is completed, you will upload back into the program.

    If you need an extra blank form, use this link: AIA Physical Evaluation and Examination Forms

    The next part is the Brainbook Concussion Course. This is where you need to go in and watch the class about concussions, take the quiz, and then receive the certificate for passing. Once this is completed, you will again need to upload the certificate back to the program.

    Finally, you will come to the Emergency Contact Info. You will need to fill in all parts, including the insurance information AND policy number, just in case there is a problem, we can get help started. You will then, again, upload this back to the program.


    When all of the above is complete, you are ready to try out! WHEW! Best wishes, let me know if you have any questions.


    Dates to have documents turned in to aktivate.com (formerly Register My Athlete) complete--in advance to trying out:

    Baseball and Softball: August 5th (if everything is complete, tryouts are Monday, August 12th)

    Cross Country: start is September 23rd  You cannot be cut from cross country, but you must have everything completed before you can attend a practice.  

    Volleyball:  Tryouts are Monday, November 4th (All paperwork must be completed in the computer by October 28th). 

    Basketball:  Tryouts are Tuesday, February 18th (All paperwork must be completed in the computer by February 10th)






     VBALL Athletics at Paseo Hillsbasketball

    We are the Rattlers of Paseo Hills

     2024-25 season 

                          Cross Country                softball                  baseball





    If you have taken any pictures of any of our sporting events, please post them to our social media accounts and/or send them to me so we can have the opportunity to get them in our yearbook!  Since I am Athletic Coordinator, in charge of our snack shack, and many times sitting at the scoring table, I have no time to take pics.  I would love it if there were more opportunities for athletics to get in the yearbook and, with your help, we can!  Thank you for your help!



  • Athletic Coordinator


           Jerry Slawson



    Please contact:


    623-445-4500--front office



  • We will continue to have a cross country team for 7th and 8th grades and a club team for 5th and 6th graders.  This is a no cut sport, so if you want to participate, you need to be there for the meetings, do the athletic packet online or on paper if you do not have access to do it online,  come to the practices and keep up your grades to participate in the meets!  We are looking forward to seeing you there!

    Here is a key for all school abbreviations:


    CS=Canyon Springs

    DM=Desert Mountain

    NC=Nortera Canyon

    SR=Sunset Ridge

    UP=Union Park

    GAME START TIMES:  4:30pm, depending on the bus schedule

    WEBSITES:   post your pics here


                     FACEBOOK--dvusd7/8 athletics


    Here is a link to the addresses and a map of all the middle schools that are in our district:

    Middle School addresses and Map 


    The calendar for all sports is listed in the calendar that is up in the toolbar where you chose "Activities".


    Here is a link to the middle school sports page that gives you the results of the sport that is ongoing at the time:

    Sports page for Middle School Athletics

    Tryout & Physical Forms:
    The 2021-2022 season is here!  In order to try out you must have all form completed at Register My Athlete.  Your physical is good for one calendar year.  You will just need to resubmit all the form for the new year.
    RMA (Register My Athlete, information is below).  You should print off the physical form to take with you to your doctor.  You can get physicals at your doctor's office, CVS with clinics, and Walgreens with clinics or from NOAH, listed below. 
    Sports Physicals:

    NOAH(Venado Valley Health Center)
    27th Ave. North of the 101 (Old Black Angus Building)
    Hours of operation: 8am-4pm
    Price for Sports Physicals: $25(without insurance)
    $ ? (with insurance, it will vary depending on the insurance one has)
    You must call to make an appointment for the sports physical(student must get the sports physical form from their school)
    the following flyer does have adjustable rates depending on finances:
    Mountain Park Health Center
    Continuing this year--Please go to log on to the REGISTER MY ATHLETE  link to be able to have all the forms you need online.  You can download them and the you can scan in documents or upload them back in the program.  This will let you know when you have all required documents are complete and you are eligible to tryout for a sport.  This will also notify you Athletic Coordinator as well.  You only need the following section of forms if you are not able to do these online.  You are very stongly urged to use the electronic form, please!
    The following forms (links) need to be filled out and turned in to Mr. Slawson or BEFORE attending any tryouts.
     1. Emergency Athletic Form  You must have the insurance part filled out along with all other sections to turn it in.
    You will need to take #2 and #3(filled out before you get to your exam) with you to get your physical exam.  Please do not forget them.
    You will need all 5 of the above things to tryout.  Please make sure you have all 5 things with you to turn in to your Athletic Coodinator.
    If you make the team there is a fee:  $60 per sport with a $120 max per athlete or $300 max per family and you must have insurance to participate.  There is insurance that is discounted for schools.  You can find that information at  www.studentinsurance-kk.com  you can get registered and turn in a copy of your paid registration.  There is also a uniform fee that varies per sport.
    The following are forms (links) that will need to be completed if your child has been chosen for a team:
    1.  Athletic Code of Conduct
    2.  Athletic Informed Consent Form  
    3.  Victory with Honor 
    4.  Family Coach Agreement Form
    5.  Consent for Treatment Form
    AIA site for concussion test--please register as if you were a 9th grader to the high school that you think you will be attending.
    • Don't Forget your user name and password, and to print your certificate the upload to Register My Athlete