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    About your course

    Honors Geometry for Summer 2021 will begin Monday, May 24 at 7:30 am. Class will be held from 7:30 am - 1:30 pm Monday - Friday during the first week, Tuesday - Friday the second week (due to Memorial Day) and Monday - Thursday for the remainder of the session, concluding with final exams on July 1.

    Student/Parent Information

    What do students need?

    Students need paper and pencil. They are also welcome to bring food, drink and snacks. I will give students access to a small refrigerator and microwave where they can store/heat food. I will provide calculators. Student will need their own TI 84+ as they continue on to Algebra 3-4H, Precalculus, and Calculus, however.

    Students will NOT need smartphones or other electronic distractions.

    Will students have a lunch break?

    Yes, we will take a break for lunch, however students will need to provide their own food.

    How do students master a year's worth of Geometry standards in a month?

    We work very hard and very fast. Each day is the equivalent of more than a week of regular school. Students will take a unit exam every other day, the same exams taken by high school students district-wide during the regular school year. Needless to say, at this pace absences are really not an option. As you were informed when you registered, more than one absence per session will result in your student being dropped from the program.

    Will the students have homework?

    Rarely. They will complete all the necessary work during the day with me. Please do your best to ensure that your student is well rested.

    Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

    Every summer that I've taught in this program I have asked students on the last day if they are glad they did it. The answer has always been a unanimous yes. I will work hard to ensure that your child will feel the same way on July 1.