• 1st Grade

    We had so much fun on the 100th day of school! We weighed our 100 items, traded them, imagined what things we will enjoy doing when we're 100 years old, daydreamed about what we would do with $100 and lots more!

    Presidents Day

    In language arts this week, we will practice reading a_e words such as 'cake,' 'safe,' and 'tame.' We will also practice reading words with the "soft c" sound such as 'cell' and 'cent.' We will practice recognizing point-of-view and making connections. We will continue to read some literature about the United States such as "President's Day" to help us to practice these strategies. The high frequency words that we will work on this week are always, began, better, gives, hurt, shall, should, and things. In writing, we will write the rough drafts of our personal narratives about a favorite holiday memory.

    Adding 10

    In math, we will begin to add two 2-digit numbers. We will start off with adding 10 to a multiple of ten, such as 30+10. The next step will be adding ten to any 2-digit number, for example 26+10. This will be followed by adding any two 2-digit numbers, such as 24+43.

    Basic Needs of Plants and Animals 

    In science, we will complete a project sharing some facts that we have learned about trees. We will also learn about the basic needs of plants and animals.

    George Washington

    In social studies, we will take a quiz over what we have learned about Civil Rights. Then we will learn about the beginning of our country. This will include learning about the Constitution and George Washington.


    Terramar 1st Grade Team

    Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Domkus, Mrs. Schick, Mrs. Willard