• 1st Grade   

    Last week was the end of the first quarter!
    Parent/Teacher Conferences will be held via Zoom during the week of October 18th. Please be on the lookout for more information about how to sign up from your child's teacher!
     Step by Step Advice
    In language arts this week, we will practice reading words with the digraph 'sh' such as 'wish,' 'shut,' and 'mash.' The new high frequency words that we will be working on this week are by, call, could, and know. We will learn how to summarize passages that we have read. To help us to learn to summarize, we will read Step by Step Advice From the Animal Kingdom. In writing, we will revise our animal research rough drafts.
     Making 10 Making Ten again
    In math, we will begin to use the Making Ten Strategy to help us to add. See the illustrations above to see how we will use this strategy with 3 addends and 2 addends.
    Phone a Friend
    In science, we will finish our investigation on sound. We will create phones with strings and cups. We will revisit some predictions we made on sound and see if our thoughts have changed.
    Compass rose

    In Social Studies, we will learn more mapping skills. This time, we will focus on learning about the cardinal directions, and we will learn about compass roses. We will also work on problem solving.
    Terramar 1st Grade Team
    Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Domkus, Mrs. Schick and Mrs. Willard