• 1st Grade


    The Talking Vegetables

    In language arts this week, we will read words with the 'er' sound spelled in three ways - 'er,' 'ir,' and 'ur.' We will also continue to practice reading multi-syllabic words. We will read the folktale The Talking Vegetables and practice retelling the story. The high frequency words that we will work on this week are boy, door, father, maybe, nearest, says, shouted, and until. In writing, we will begin writing a rough draft describing a science experiment.

                                                                 Standard Algorithm

    In math, we will practice adding 2-digit numbers and begin to transition to adding using the standard algorithm.


    In science, we will learn how to use a dichotomous key to identify insects. We will end the week by sorting ocean animals into groups.

    Goods and Services

    In social studies, we will learn about the differences between goods and services.


    Terramar 1st Grade Team

    Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Domkus, Mrs. Schick, Mrs. Willard