• The love of reading is one of the greatest gifts a parent can give a child.


    Welcome to the Reading Specialist page! As a Reading Specialist it is my job to assist students who are reading well below grade level. I typically see K-3 students in small groups throughout the day Monday-Thursday and utilize Fridays for assessment and to determine individualized goals for students in the following week. All group membership is flexible, so as students grow in their reading skills they may be exited from the group. That does not necessarily mean that he/she is at grade level with reading skills, only that the student has mastered the skill that the group is working on. Students may be in and out of a reading group throughout the year, remain in a group with changing skill focuses throughout the year, or never need to be in a group at all. The reading skills of ALL K-3 students are monitored with a variety of assessment tools and classroom teacher input to ensure that all Paseo Hills students are getting the help that they need to be successful. I always tell my students that my job is to make it so that they don't need me any more. It is my goal to have all students proficient in their reading skills and no longer need my support. Of course, I am there to provide support as long as it is needed. I take great joy in developing students' love of reading and helping them to discover the possibilities available to them as a proficient reader.