Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. J. C. Born

Over twenty years ago I started my quest in education. That pursuit has been guided by these three principles:

  • In a rich learning environment, children can reach their greatest potential. Such an environment should be positive and filled with an abundance of engaging educational opportunities.
  • If excellence in education is to be met, then every member of the school family must work as a cohesive unit and contribute to the reaching of this goal.
  • For our society to continue to flourish, we, as educators, are not only responsible for developing skilled students, but productive citizens as well.

As a favorite teacher, I will strive to meet academic needs through traditional programs focusing on mastery of foundational skills. I look forward to providing engaging lessons and activities that will create a spark in your student’s learning.

In my free time, I enjoy cars, sports, reading historical biographies, and spending time with my family. My wife and I have four wonderful sons and a granddaughter. Our sons have all blazed their own paths towards being contributing members of their communities. They’ve become an artist, a software engineer, an Air Force pilot, and an aspiring mechanical engineer.

I look forward to meeting your family and you this coming August!