• De nobis fabula narratur... About us is the story told.

    --Latin Proverb

Bitmoji Classroom ELA 1-2
  • 2022-23 Schedule

    Period 1: ELA 1-2H

    Period 2: Prep

    Period 3: ELA 1-2H

    Period 4: Lunch 

    Period 5: ELA 1-2

    Period 6: ELA 1-2H

    Period 7: ELA 1-2H


  • Contact Me

    Room: E115

    Email: jessica.mcdermitt@dvusd.org

    Voicemail: 623-376-3145


    Office hours are posted on my whiteboard in the classroom. Additional times may be available by appointment. Please email me to schedule an appointment!


  • About Me:

    I have a bachelors' degree in Secondary Education from Arizona Christian University. I am passionate about literature and writing, and I love creating exciting, interactive lessons. I believe that ideas have impact and can't wait to share the power of words and stories with you.

    Outside of the classroom, I love to read poolside, practice calligraphy, and write both short stories and novels. My favorite authors include the Brontë sisters and Edgar Allan Poe, among many others. Someday, I wish to own a pet hedgehog, and I am learning to take care of plants despite my brown thumb!