Data Analysis and Organizational Improvement

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    The Data Analysis and Organizational Improvement department supports employees in the implementation of continuous improvement practices aligned to the Strategic Plan, within a systems approach leading to organizational improvement. Continuous improvement is an ongoing effort to improve focus and alignment of processes, services, and results within the district, schools, and teacher teams based on data. The Baldrige framework is the foundation for professional learning opportunities offered throughout the district. With an emphasis on Customer Focus (Category 3) and Measurement (Category 4), training is crafted to support certified and classified employees. The DAOI oversees Strategic Planning, AdvancED, Campus/Department Improvement Planning Process, McREL Leadership, 21 Keys, National Board Certification and Academic Facilitators. The department develops and deploys structures and processes to support a systems approach to continuous improvement, leading to the attainment of the District's Key Strategic Objectives.

    Deer Valley's Strategic Plan is the framework to focus and align our work through 2018. Thus, the entire Deer Valley organization will be positioned to ensure we are fulfilling the mission and adhering to the overall vision of "graduating life-long learners to successfully compete, lead, and positively impact the world".

    Throughout the 2016-2017 school year, DVUSD will be gathering input from all stakeholders in support of refining our core values and strategic plan. We will examine ways to refine, refocus, and recommit to our district’s key strategic objectives. Continuous improvement is a journey, not an event. We encourage you to attend a focus group.


    AdvancED is an accreditation organization that focuses on raising the quality of education through school improvement and knowledge leadership.


    • Received district-wide accreditation
    • Is committed to excellence in education
    • Is dedicated to continuous improvement and quality assurance
    • Meets international and national standards of excellence

    AdvancED Systems Accreditation Video

    AdvancED Source: Spring 2014

    Consistent Improvement: Achieving Systems Coherence in a Data-Rich World

    AdvancED Campus Rating by Campus/Indicator

    AdvancED Campus Analysis

    AdvancED Department Rating by Department/Indicator

    AdvancED Department Analysis

    Organizational Profile

    The DVUSD Organizational Profile is a snapshot of the organization, the key influences on how it operates, and the key challenges it faces. Organizational Profiles are an appropriate starting point for self-assessment and for writing an application. It is critically important for the following reasons:

    • It helps identify gaps in key information and focus on key performance requirements and results.

    • It can be used as an initial self-assessment. If topics are identified for which conflicting, little, or no information is available, use these topics for action planning.

    • It sets the context for your responses to the Baldrige Criteria requirements in categories 1–7.

    School Profile

    The School Profile is a snapshot of the key influences on how the school operates and the key challenges the school is facing.

    What is the purpose of a School Profile?

    Each campus that embarks on the journey of creating a School Profile will have a different purpose. To support you in defining your purpose, here are a few suggestions:

    • To serve as an organizational description of the school
    • To identify gaps in your approach and deployment as a basis for performance improvement efforts
    • To cultivate a better understanding of the school’s culture/climate
    • To move the work of the school forward with a clearly identified brand
    Jean Koeppen  
    Jean Koeppen
    Organizational Improvement
    Dr. Scott Smith
    Dr. Scott Smith
    Data Analysis

Department Contacts

Jean Koeppen
Director of Operational Improvement
Dr. Scott Smith
Director of Data Analysis
Mary Beth Hyland
Manager of Data Analysis
Julie Chelius

Continuous Improvement Specialist