Welcome to Sixth Grade

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    We are all looking forward to an exciting year for our 6th grade leaders here at Constitution.

    Reading: The single most important thing that you can do this year to improve your student's reading fluency and comprehension, is to make sure that they are reading each day! Students will keep track of their reading on a reading log each month, which needs to be turned in. We will be focusing on vocabulary, fluency, and several different comprehension strategies. In 6th grade, we will be covering a variety of literature, including different types of informational text.
    Math: It is crucial that all of our 6th graders have their multiplication facts memorized in order to have great success in math. This year we will be learning how to solve problems containing decimals, operations with fractions, and solving algebraic expressions. We will find the percent and probability for events and work with ratios, rates, and proportions. In geometry, we will solve for the area and perimeter of regular and irregular figures as well as find the volume of figures. In statistics we will work with a variety of graphs and learn different ways to describe data sets. It will be a great year as we dive in and learn how to solve problems!
    Writing: In order to become more effective writers, we will focus on the five steps of the writing process. We will also focus on the elements of effective writing, also known as the six traits. These six traits are Ideas and Content, Organization, Voice, Sentence Fluency, Word Choice, and Conventions. During quarter one we will focus on narrative and poetry writing. Quarter two will be expository, functional, and letter writing. Quarter three we will work on persuasive and poetry writing. At the end of the year, during quarter four, we will do research, poetry, and response to literature writing.

    Science: Each quarter will have 4 weeks of science. Quarter one and two will be Weather and Water. Quarter three and four, will be Diversity of Life/Plant and Single-celled water creatures. Observation writing and hands-on inquiries are a major part of science. A Science Fair project will be due this year to start in April.

    Social Studies: Each quarter will have 4 weeks of social studies. Quarter 1 - Early Humans/Mesopotamia, Quarter 2 - Ancient India, Egypt, China, Quarter 3 - Ancient Rome, Greece, Quarter 4 - Ancient Americas, Middle Ages. Technology is a key component of Science and Social Studies, with research and projects ongoing. Our theme this year for both academics is Water.