• What is STEM?  


    STEM means Science Enginerring, Technology, and Mathematics!  At New River Elementary School, we are constantly focusing on our school’s key priorities, centered around a yearly focus,  connecting it all to the Deer Valley District Strategic Plan, and goal setting within each classroom. It is those actionable steps, collaboration, and focus that will support  the pathway to success.  We believe these are ALL of our students and strive to develop the whole child!

    A STEM-focus  prepares students to think critically as  they collaborate with their colleagues on projects that  are integrated with Science, Technology, Engineering  and/or Mathematics.  Our vision  is to prepare our students to become the innovators, educators, researchers  and leaders that can solve  the most pressing challenges facing our world, both today  and tomorrow.   It is our desire as educators to focus on 5 key STEM strategies for authentic learning experiences. Those 5 key strategies identified are:  problem solving, exploration and aligning to the real-world, evidence to support discussion, reflection, and taking risks and/or perseverance.

    From Kindergarten to Sixth grade, we recognize the importance of letting students know the intended learning outcomes, how collectively they will work towards that desired outcome, and their responsibility as a learner.  STEM is integrated into many subject areas and monthly projects occur.  In turn, this effects all students and through reflection on their work it empowers them to take even more ownership.  This ownership will contribute to self-confidence and the love of learning.

    New River is gearing students up for success in STEM!