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    • Mission

      Our mission at Sonoran Foothills is to offer services to engage our gifted learners in multiple, ongoing opportunities to foster critical thinking, logical reasoning , collaboration and communication for meaningful, rigorous academic experiences.


      Core Values


      • Student Centered
      • Rigorous Academics
      • Quality Resources
      • Welcoming Environment
      • Personal Accountability
      • Open Communication
      • Problem Solving Mindset
      • Emotional Support
      • Relevant and Global Viewpoint
      • Balanced and Flexible Approach
      • Intellectually Stimulating
      • Social Responsibility



      DVUSD Gifted provides enriched academic opportunities for gifted and talented students who demonstrate exceptional capabilities that require services beyond the scope of the regular classroom curriculum.  In Deer Valley, we recognize that giftedness exists across all cultures and socioeconomic levels and must be cultivated in order to grow. 

      Identification of Giftedness


      In Arizona


      A student who scores at or above the ninety-seventh percentile, based upon national norms, on a test adopted by the State School Board, on one or more of the following areas: verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and/or non-verbal reasoning is considered eligible for gifted services.


      At Sonoran Foothills


      We place students scoring in the 94th percentile and up.  The curriculum for gifted students is inclusive of many theories and strategies in order to meet the needs of the diverse learner. See below for our continuum of services.




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