•  8th Grade Social Studies & Personal Finance (Exploratory)

    The 8th grade Social Studies program focuses on Citizenship and Civic Engagement in Today’s Society. The content focus will be viewed through civic and economic lenses. Citizenship and civic engagement will be taught through inquiry. Eighth grade students will make connections between historical and current/recent issues as a base for implementing change in society. Students will recognize and practice their roles and responsibilities as both American and global citizens. United States History will focus on the major events that have their roots in the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and subsequent amendments, Civil Rights, Human Rights, and Global Social Issues.

    Students will be receiving a balance of guided and independent instruction through canvas with a variety of resources within to guide our learning (textbook, primary sources, resource books, videos, notes, individual/group research, and cooperative learning). It is very important that all work is completed to ensure a good grade. Students tend to be more successful when they come to class prepared.

    Class Schedule:

    1: PREP

    2: Social Studies

    3: Personal Finance (Exploratory)

    4: Social Studies

    5: Social Studies

    6: Social Studies