• Our Class Promises: 

    Be Kind (Using kind words and actions towards others)

    Stay Focused (Remaining on task and showing respect to the speaker)

    Try Our Best (Use strategies and take your time to ensure you are showing all that you know!)

    Have Fun (Show cooperation as a class to complete necessary activities and allow for some extra fun)


    Please send your child with a backpack each day to school. There will be items students need to bring to and from school daily. 

    Students will continue to use individual supplies and all personal supplies will be stored in pencil boxes. 

    Students are responsible for respecting materials and keeping them organized throughout the day. 

    Chromebooks will remain at school to be used for supplemental practice during reading and math small groups. 

    Red Folders: 

    Students will receive a red folder that will be sent home each afternoon and needs to be returned each morning. 

    Red folders should be checked every night to ensure materials are collected and information is collected. 


    Students will be given a blue agenda that will hold information regarding homework. These will also serve as communication throughout the year. Please review and sign student agendas every night. 

    Water Bottles:

    Please send your child with a labeled reusable water bottle daily. (no milk, juice, or gatorade to avoid unwanted bugs!)