• Visual Art with Ms. Cirzan

    Welcome! I am so excited to introduce the world of art to you. 

    Ms. Cirzan's contact information:

    email: Catherine.Cirzan@dvusd.org

    phone ext: 63174

    room #: F105


  •                               Schedule:                                   

                           Period 1: Intro to Art

                           Period 2: Intro to Art

                           Period 3: Intro to Art                           Intro to Art syllabus (all classes):

                           Period 4: Lunch                                     Introduction to Art 22-23 

                           Period 5: Prep

                           Period 6: Intro to Art

                           Period 7: Intro to Art


    Office hours will be posted weekly in our classroom. Utililize those times or contact me to set up an appointment. Never hesitate to reach out in person or by email to get in touch with me!