• Choir:

    This course will provide students with a challenging opportunity to continue their musical growth and development through choral singing. Participation in non‐school hour rehearsals and performances required. 

    Este curso brindará a los estudiantes una oportunidad desafiante para continuar su crecimiento y desarrollo musical a través del canto coral. Se requiere la participación en ensayos y actuaciones fuera del horario escolar.

    I call Choir the Choir family because we are not only learning about music but we are forming meaningful connections with others. This is a time to make friends and challenge ourselves to be better musicians and people in general.


    This is a beginning course in basic guitar technique, basic theory studies, note reading, and chord studies. There are school guitars to use.

    Este es un curso inicial en técnica básica de guitarra, estudios teóricos básicos, lectura de notas y estudios de acordes. Hay guitarras escolares para usar.

    If you would like to bring your own guitar, you can leave it in my storage room overnight and I will keep it locked until the next day.