Regular attendance will help your child be more successful in school. If your child is absent,  please call and notify the school of the reason for the absence by 9:15 am. The ATTENDANCE  PHONE NUMBER IS 602-467-5990. For your convenience, this is a 24-hour message center. When calling in a child’s absence, please tell us the student’s name, teacher’s name or room number, the date(s) of the absence, the reason for the absence, and who is calling (mother, father, grandparents, etc.). 

    An unreported absence will result in a phone call from the school to the parent either at home or  at work.  



    Failure to send minor children to school may put parents in violation of the Arizona statute and subject them to prosecution for a class three misdemeanor. Because of our desire to follow the law and since school attendance is critical to the successful academic progress of our students, the procedures/guidelines outlined below will be followed for UNEXCUSED ABSENCES

    * Reasonable absences because of illness, bereavement, other family emergencies, and observances of major religious holidays of the family’s faith are considered excused. 

     * Any time school officials believe that these excused absences as listed above are    excessive, an investigation will occur and these absences may be considered unexcused.  When a student is tardy, the parent must sign-in the student and present a receipt  from a doctor, dentist, etc., verifying that the student had an appointment.  Otherwise, it will be counted as an unexcused tardy or absence. 

    Students may be referred to the CUTS program on their fifth (5th) unexcused absence, or when the student has been absent ten percent (10%) of the school year [approximately eighteen (18) school days. The CUTS program, administered  by the Division of Community Services under the direction of the Maricopa County Juvenile Probation Department, is a diversion program designed for juveniles who commit a first or second truancy offense and are willing to take responsibility for their behavior. The goal of the program is to increase school attendance.