• Sailing Ahead     

      2nd GRADE!
    Always try your best, have a positive attitude, be open to new learning, and know together we will continue to move forward through a successful and memorable second grade year!
    By utilizing an arts focused curriculum, we will enhance each child's sense of belonging, sense of self, and ability to achieve academically.
    Vision:  F   A   C   T   S  
    Providing a Foundation of Arts/Academics, Character, Thinking, and Service
    Class Mission:
    Listen well and try your best, practice hard and find success!
    Parent Involvement:
    Participation in your child's education is proven to boost his or her achievement in school.  We are committed to treat parents as partners while keeping lines of communication open and focused on the needs of your child.  Mutual trust and respect between parents and teachers is required to maintain a positive learning experience at any school.  We believe that your trust in Terramar is required to ensure your child's success.
    Stay involved.  Check your child's folder daily, check over homework, and school websites.  Stay current with lunch and library accounts.





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