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    Principal Brammer

    September 2021



    Dear Parents,


    Our first month of school has been completed.  Thank you for your support as we continue to navigate through our COVID protocols.

    Our single most effective way to ensure that our Sidewinders students continue to remain with in person learning is to keep students home when they are ill.  When students are sent to school when they are ill, the infect other students and staff causing a domino effect.  Our goal at Greenbrier is to continue to provide excellent educational opportunities for all of our students in the classroom and campus environment.


    Should a student be required to quarantine due to close contact with a positive COVID individual or if a student tests positive for COVID, students will use our district learning management system, Canvas.  Your child’s teacher will communicate the information to access Canvas as needed.

    The Deer Valley district is now updating the COVID-19 dashboard on a more frequent basis along with a FAQ page that is posted on the district’s web page. This FAQ site addresses the most pressing COVID-19 related questions affecting Deer Valley.  This page is for both parents and staff.

    Deer Valley is looking for support staff in our health offices in an effort to help keep our students safely on campus and in the healthiest most supported environments.  If you know of a family member, neighbor, or friend that has medical credentials including nursing, CNA, paramedic, or other qualifying licensure, have them check out the following website for a list of job openings at:   The district is also in need of substitute teachers, custodians, paraprofessionals, bus drivers, monitors, and food service positions.  Spread the word!  Deer Valley is a great place to work.

    Thank you for your on-going support to our students and staff!



    Jody J. Brammer, Principal

    Greenbrier Elementary School





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