• Career and Technical Education (CTE)
    Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs provide students with the rigorous, content-aligned academic standards necessary to prepare students to succeed in today’s global economy. Students have opportunities to develop specialized skills and apply their academic knowledge in real world settings.

    DVHS offers 3 CTE Signature Programs. Signature programs are offered on specific high school campuses but open to any DVUSD high school student interested in enrolling.  DVHS Signature Programs are Hospitality Management, Nursing, and Sports Medicine. 

    Students in the Hospitality Management program study the areas of tourism, lodging, restaurants and managed services, activities and event planning, recreation and the transportation that takes travelers to these areas. Students in this program provide event planning and implementation for small and large groups using the professional kitchen and 2 event rooms.

    The Nursing program trains students in basic nursing skills and students will learn how to give direct patient care under the supervision of teachers who are registered nurses. Successful nursing students qualify to take the Arizona State Board of Nursing’s Certified Hospitality Management Nursing Assistant exam. ThisNursing class is a 2 hour block for senior students.

    Sports Medicine courses deal with the prevention, assessment and rehabilitation of common sports injuries. A Certified Athletic Trainer will instruct students on basic first aid and general injury terminology and progress to steps to rehabilitate specific injuries.

    Deer Valley High School also offers the following CTE courses: Graphic Design, Computer Science Principles, Marketing and Media Productions with industry standard software computer programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and Animation. Students in Media Production are responsible for the schools’ student announcements , Marketing students run a DVHS school store and Graphics students design projects to fulfill jobs requested by both on campus and off campus groups.

    Internship programs are available to senior students who are in the Media Productions advanced levels of all CTE programs or who have compGraphic Design leted the CTE program in their junior year. This provides students with on the job experience and valuable industry networking.

Name Title Email Phone
Lopez, Basilio CTE basilio.lopez@dvusd.org (602) 467-6908
Murillo, Carlos CTE/Sports Medicine carlos.avilamurillo@dvusd.org (602) 467-6869
Pemberton, Jacob CTE jacob.pemberton@dvusd.org (602) 467-6877
Soden, Shirley CTE/Nursing shirley.soden@dvusd.org (602) 467-6865