• Purpose of TSW Program
    The Transition School to Work Program assist students with disabilities in the transition process from school into competitive employment and/or post secondary training and education.  

    The purpose of this program is to help students develop skills they can utilize beyond their high school experience.  A variety of services will be offered to guide the students toward becoming competitively employed and/or enrolled in a postsecondary or vocational program following their exit from high school.  Students receive job placement and/or training services, job-related instruction, independent living skills training, and assistance with transition planning.

    The Transition Program is a team activity.  The members of the TSW team are:

    • Student Teacher/Coordinator
    • TSW Transition Technician
    • Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor
    • Parent/Legal Guardian

    The responsibilities of the students include:

    • Must be enrolled in transition skills class for the entire school year
    • Must be eligible for Vocational Rehabilitation services *
    • Be an active participant in the Youth Transition Program

    *Students qualify for vocational rehabilitation services when they have a documented disability that is a barrier to employment

    The responsibilities of the school include:

    • Recruiting students
    • Assessing students with the VR Counselor
    • Developing job sites
    • Monitoring students on the job
    • Providing independent living skills training through the transition skills class
    • Facilitating career exploration and transition planning

    The responsibilities of the VR Counselor include:

    • Establishing student eligibility
    • Developing IPE's (Individual Plan for Employment)
    • Providing additional support services
    • Continued services after graduation

    This program is dedicated to helping students make the transition from high school to adult life opportunities.  Our goal is to prepare the students for the work place and/or post-secondary education/training.  Students who participate in the Transition to Work Program will obtain transition skills needed in the community and workplace setting. 

    TSW Mission Statement:

    The Deer Valley Unified School District Transition School to Work teams with Students, Families, Communities and Vocational Rehabilitation to facilitate a plan to bridge high school students to future career opportunities and life-long learning.

    Mountain Ridge High School Mission Statement:  

    The Mission of Mountain Ridge High School is to provide real world connections within highly engaging classrooms that prepare
    graduates to meet the rigors and demands of 21st-century global citizens.

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