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          "Believe you can and you're halfway there."  ---Theodore Roosevelt 

  • Dual Enrollment SPA 101/102 information: 

    Registration is open now for Fall 2022 semester.  To add SPA 101 to your schedule, visit my.maricopa.edu, login, scroll down and click "add class."  If you are a new student to Rio Salado College, please start by enrolling as a dual-enrollment student.  Click on the link below.  

    Add section code: 25974 (SPA 101, 4 credits,  Instructor:  L. Romero period 3 @MRHS) and click on "view payments" tab to pay tuition.  (Please note: our classes actually meet in period 4 and 6 @ MRHS)

    Our 4th year of Spanish is a great class to consider: it is SPA 201-202/Spanish AP Language and Culture.  I encourage students to keep going so that they can continue to grow their fluency in Spanish!

    Link to Rio Salado College: 

    Dual Enrollment - Rio Salado College

    Elementary Spanish I, L Romero, period 3
    SPA101  (Fall semester 2022)
    section code:  25974
    credits: 4

    Elementary Spanish II, L Romero, period 3
    SPA102 (Spring semester 2023)
    section code: 21527
    credits: 4

    SPA 5-6 H students are eligible to enroll  in
    SPA 101 and 102 (4 credits per semester). 
    Details will be shared when SPA 5-6 H classes begin.  

    Summer Work for students entering SPA 5-6H and SPA 101-102 Dual Enrollment (Year 3)


    Summer Work for students entering SPA AP Language and Culture/SPA 201-202 (Year 4)

    Summer Work SPA AP/SPA 201-202 Dual

    Daily Schedule C 219  

     Period 1 Spanish 3-4

     Period 2 Spanish 3-4 

     Period 3 Spanish 3-4

     Period 4 Spanish 5-6H/101-102

     Period 5 Lunch

     Period 6 Spanish 5-6H/101-102

     Period 7 Spanish 3-4

    Study websites: