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    On Tuesday, 1/19 our 8th graders will be participating in a virtual conference for Speak Up, Stand Up, Save A Life - to learn more about this program click here

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    December 1st and December 8th Mrs. Douglas-Salisbury will be in all of Mr. Strauss' Science classes to finalize high school registration. If you have any questions you can feel free to email her at courtenay.douglas-salisbury@dvusd.org or email Mr. Strauss at paul.strauss@dvusd.org 

    Here are some resources that you can refer to in helping with the registration process:

    Video on High School Registration Process - this is video of the same presenation givein in Science class that walks you through everything you need to know about high school registration. [This is a generic video that applies to all schools]

    20-21 Academic Planning Guide - this document covers all the requirements for high school as well as class descriptions for all classes offered at each of our 5 district high schools. 

    Future Freshman Website - this is a webpage on the district website that covers everything 

    How To Register Online Video - this video will walk you through how to register for classes on PowerSchools.

    9th Grade Registration Card - this card is just a reference in all of the classes you need - you will NOT be turning this card it as it is just a guide if it would help.

    You must have all your classes filled in on PowerSchool no later than next Tuesday 12/8. If you are wanting an Honors class (ELA, Math, and/or Biology), send that teacher a message through Canvas and ask if you qualify. 


     8th Grade Suggested Supply List 2020-2021

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    Besides knowing what is happening in your classes, it is also critical for you to keep up with your grades. Mistakes do happen and so it is each student's responsibility to regularly log into PowerSchools to make sure everything is accurate and to keep up to date with your progress.