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Degrees and Certifications:

My B.A. is in Elementary Education from ASU ('93). My M.Ed. is in Elementary Education from NAU ('97). I am Highly Qualified in Middle School Mathematics in Arizona.

Ms. Joni Jacobs

10 Things about Ms. Jacobs:
*I am an Arizona native--you'd think I'd be used to the summers by now!  I attended Roadrunner and Palo Verde Elementary Schools, then on to Cortez High (Alice Cooper's alma mater), followed by ASU for my undergrad work and finally to NAU for my Master's.
*Although I am a highly-qualified middle grade mathematics teacher, my first teaching position was middle school language arts.  Not only can I calculate, I can conjugate!
*I've been a teacher since 1993, and I've taught in Deer Valley since 1995.
*The Count of Monte Cristo is my favorite book.
*Football is the best sport to watch on TV  When golf gets helmets and pads, I'll tune in.
*I believe in complex carbohydrates, dark chocolate, and coffee, although not necessarily in that order.
*My husband was a national collegiate archery champion long before Katniss picked up a bow.
*One of the reasons I picked the name Greg for my son was because I love the character of Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird.  You can't, however, find a coffee cup with Atticus on it!
*I am a lousy cook. Burnt is the new black in my kitchen.
*The best part of teaching is when former students come back to visit.