• Welcome to the 6/7/8 Girls Softball Page!

    If you ever have any questions, please contact Coach Bauer (Codi.Bauer@dvusd.org) or Coach Pratt (Taylor.Pratt@dvusd.org)


    Our playoff game is away Thursday, October 19th, at 4:15 p.m at Desert Mountain. We will make sure everything is ready and so they can warm up as well. Coach Bauer will not be able to be at the game, but Coach Pratt will be there and Christianson, one of the athletic directors, will be there to help her out if she needs it as well. Just a reminder they will wear their white pants, jerseys, blue socks, cleats, and need water and have them bring sunglasses, visors, bat, and glove if they have it. We will have all other equipment ready, just in case they may not have something.    


    Good luck Wolves! 😃