• Grading and Assessments

    -Many of our projects take longer than one art class. If you are checking your students power schools, you may not see a grade for a while.

    -Yes, I do grade each project, for each child. Art is for a grade and for a purpose.

    -Some classes receive participation grades for longer projects or if they have art more than one time in a week. Participation is expected and there are multiple options for early finishers. Students in grades 5 and 6 may have a few projects "going" at the same time, with ample time to work on, refine and finish them.

    -Your child's work IS passed back after their 3 week session is over.  Some assignments are hung in the media center or office bulletin board and would take longer to pass back. Work is sent home at the end of the session.

    - I encourage students to take their work home, regardless if they like it or not, the people at home would like to see it!!  I encourage students to not throw their artwork away, as they have worked on it for as least 2 weeks and should be proud of it. Once it leaves the art room, Mrs. Moore is not responsible for what they choose to do with it.

    Please ask your student to see their work!

    It's not "Just Art". I hear this many, many times a day from students who say their parents don't care about art, its not a real class and is not important. Please help discourage this idea by encouraging your artist. Check out the "It's just art?" page if you think its "just art."

    I am glad you stopped by!