Welcome Llamas, Fantastic Frogs, Sailors, and Yotes!

  •   In First Grade, we learn so many important skills as we build upon our prior knowledge from Kindergarten. We focus on a deeper understanding of reading, writing, spelling, science, social studies, and beginning math skills. Successful learners strengthen their skills by learning how to study, organize, and make responsible choices. Your child will be encouraged to have respect for self and others as we build our “FAMILY" community here at school! Our classrooms are built on the principle of community. Within our community, personal accountability and responsibility is emphasized with each student; young children strive to achieve and grow with purposeful opportunities. Our First Grade Team is firm on helping our students self-monitor their behavioral and academic choices.
    Thank you, Families for supporting our students' growth in all things "First Grade!"
    Mrs. Lerette   *Llamas