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    Seventh grade ELA instruction will focus on developing and refining reading skills and strategies.  Students will engage in academic activities that will help them to read critically in all content areas.  Vocabulary development, literal and inferential comprehension, exploration of various genres, and literary elements are some of the areas in which students will receive instruction. 
    Students will also continue to strengthen their communication skills as they develop their understanding of reading, writing, listening, and speaking.  These areas will be integrated into text-based instruction through the study of vocabulary, grammar, mechanics, usage, and comprehension, with an emphasis on critical and analytical thinking.  Students will read short stories, novels, informative text, and poetry.  Additionally, they will utilize the writing process in the composition of narrative, informative, and argumentative essays.  Students will use elements of effective listening and speaking skills when responding in class, giving presentations, and communicating collaboratively.  Students are expected to incorporate ELA skills into all aspects of this class.