4th Grade
Social Studies
  • SS 3rd Quarter

    This quarter will focus on European exploration and the profound impact on the development of the Americas. In this unit, students will understand how the actions of Europeans affected the land and people of both the Americas and Europe. Students will understand the need for exploration and its value to each group (Spanish, British, Portuguese, French). In addition, students will describe how trade impacted each culture.


    Critical Race Theory- What to Know

    At the May 25th Board Meeting, we said: “The topic of critical race theory is not one Deer Valley embraces, nor is it in any of our district curriculum guides. There are no plans to adjust this position in the future as we teach to the academic standards given to us by the Arizona Department of Education.”

  • SCI 3rd Quarter

    This quarter will focus on weather and climate as well as water. Then, we will collect, analyze, and interpret data to explain weather and climate patterns using a variety of graphs. Students will create an evidence-based argument concerning the impact of life based on the availability of water.