Deer Valley Unified School District's philosophy for a successful home learning implementation focuses on student connection, equity, and a smooth and simple transition so that every student can achieve learning success and maintain social and emotional well-being.


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    Mrs. Ming - Social Studies:
    Welcome to Home Learning.  I will be using Canvas for my lessons.  You can click on the Canvas link at the bottom, left of the homepage of stetsonhills.dvusd.org to find Canvas.  Our 6th graders will have different classes in Canvas which students will visit, one for each subject area and for each of the Specials.  The schedule for our zoom classes is below. Please do not hesitate to email if you have any questions.

    Class Schedules

    Effective 1/4/2021 our new Zoom Class Meeting times are as follows:  You are expected to be on time every day. Zoom invitations are found in the Canvas pages for each class.

    Core 1:     8:45 - 10:00   Social Studies

    Core 2:   10:00 - 10: 30 RTI - You must stay online for RTI or attend your Read 180/Math 180 class

    Core 3:   10:30 - 11:45   Social Studies

    LUNCH   11:45 - 12:15  Yum! 

    Core 5:    12:15 - 1:30  Social Studies

    Core 6:      1:30 - 2:45   Social Studies

    Core 7:      2:45 - 3:30   Specials  (Follow your in-person schedule)

    Class Overview

    This quarter, students will explore how early hominids developed and used tools and technology to survive and prosper within their ever-changing environment. They will examine the Neolithic revolution and gain an understanding of the impact of agriculture on the evolution of human civilizations.  Civilizations such as Mesopotamia, the Nile River Valley, the Indus River Valley, and the Yellow River Valley will be investigated.  

    Class Expectations

    1.  Students will complete all assignments by the scheduled due date.

    2.  Any questions about assignments will be asked before assignments are due.

    3.  Students will do their best on all assignments and will turn in quality work.

    4.  Students will participate in their class during scheduled Zoom instruction time.

    5.  Students, teachers, and parents will practice respect and patience.  This is new for all of us.  We got this! 

    Get Ready for Class

    1.  Pencils, paper, colored pencils, and markers are helpful for class activities and assignments.

    2.  The textbook is available online to students. 

    3.  Logging into Zoom meetings a few minutes early is very helpful to both students and teachers.

    4.  Please check teacher/school websites for additional supplies. 

    The sixth grade teachers also will continue to use text messaging to remind our students and parents of important dates:  tests, field trips, conferences, and such.  We encourage all students and parents to sign up following the directions below.  Please note that our texts go through a server called “Remind”, and is a one-way text messaging and email system.  If you want to respond to any of the reminders, you will email the teachers on their school email.  Texting charges may apply, depending on your phone plan. 
    Directions: Enter this number into your phone:  (520) 332-6933 and text this message:  @my6t If you would prefer to receive messages via email, send an email to my6t@mail.remind101.com .  You may leave the subject blank. 

    ***Deer Valley Unified School District's philosophy for a successful home learning implementation focuses on student connectionequity, and a smooth and simple transition so that every student can achieve learning success and maintain social and emotional well-being.


    You may email me through Canvas or through your email: susie.ming@dvusd.org

    When we return to school:  Room Phone Number: 623-445-5370