• Rosinbum's AP US History and US History Classes

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    Here is my teaching schedule, how you can reach me and when you can get help.
    Contact Information:
        Phone #: (623) 376-3211
    1st Period: U.S. History
    2nd Period: AP U.S. History
    3rd Period: AP U.S. History 
    4th Period: AP U.S. History
    5th Period: Lunch
    6th Period: AP U.S. History
    7th Period: AP U.S. History
    American/AZ History
    This course will cover American/Arizona history of North American prehistoric cultures through the 21st century. This course is required for graduation. 
    AP United States History
    This course prepares students to take the Advanced Placement Examination. This course includes analysis of major events in United States and Arizona history from the colonial period to the present. Class requirements may include summer readings and projects. Enrolled students are expected to take the AP exam.

    Academic Assistance:

    In addition to the Academic Prep times built into our schedule each week, additional assistance/tutoring is provided on a weekly basis both by MRHS and individually by instructors. Those dates and times will be posted in the classroom and/or on my website at the start of each week. I will demonstrate to the students how to find availability each week. I also encourage your son/daughter to write down my availability each week in their Mountain Ridge planner (provided by the school) so that you too are aware of my weekly availability.

    Office Hours:
        Office: C211
        Mornings: Tuesday and Thursday 7:10-7:25 AM
        Afternoons: By appointment or drop-in.
        Meetings and appointments may require a change in these office hours. Please check with Mr. Rosinbum to confirm a sign up time. Some changes to the schedule may occur without notice because of unforeseen circumstances.
         Note: I am often at school before and after school hours, but this year I will be coaching badminton after school during the Fall making my availability less.
    Mountain Ridge High School Mission Statement:
    The Mission of Mountain Ridge High School is to provide real world connections within highly engaging classrooms that prepare graduates to meet the rigors and demands of 21st century global citizens.