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    I will be using CANVAS for lessons, announcements, etc. rather than my website. I will be using ZOOM for class meetings, office hours, etc. Please plan accordingly.


    We're on Twitter!!! @Beaubien_Art

    We're on Instagram!!! Bow.bee.in

    Follow the art work students are creating, what's new in the art room, Mrs. Beaubien's professional developments, and more!






    Looking to donate something more meaningful than toilet paper rolls to the art room? Click "check out the donatable items page". I have started an Amazon Classroom Wishlist with some much needed items. The best part?!? It's a tax write-off!

    Check out our Donatable Items page







    NO FOOD OR DRINK (other than water) will be allowed in Mrs. Beaubien's room due to various food allergies. An incident will be treated as a "Major" under "endangerment".

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    Is there a Hillcrest teacher you would like to recognize?

    Staff and teachers work hard to make Hillcrest a great place for our students to attend and there are many ways to say "Thank you" and honor their efforts. All from a smile and wave in the mornings to local and even national recognition. Below, I have provided a few links for you if you would like to nominate a Hillcrest staff or teacher. I encourage you to also look on the world wide web for other programs as there are tons out there and some specific to subject areas.



    Hillcrest Falcon Stars 

    Hillcrest Staff and Teacher recognition program. Did someone make your day? Make theirs with a little pat on the back. Hillcrest Falcon Stars are shared with the rest of the staff and administration.

     azfamily by Channel 3: Silver Apple Awards

    Silver Apple Award    "For 25 years, 3TV has been honoring deserving teachers across Arizona for their dedication in the classroom and commitment to excellence." Make your nomination by clicking on the "3"!

     Arizona Art Education Association

    This award is specific to art education. The Arizona Art Education Association is "a vibrant and creative community that inspires, supports, and advocates for innovative learning in the visual arts." AAEA is an amazing resource and community for art teachers around Arizona. Many of our district art teachers are members, so go ahead, nominate a past or present art teacher of your choice. Make your nomination by clicking on the Arizona Art Education Association banner!