Welcome to the 2023-2024 Copper Creek Special Education Department

    Our Vision: "Provide ALL students with an academic foundation to become a productive citizen prepared to meet the challenges of an evolving world"

    Sped Team pic 23-24

Name Position Phone E-mail
Developmental Preschool 623-376-3938
Patterson, Glenda Psychologist 623-376-3951 glenda.patterson@dvusd.org
Harper, Erin PT erin.harper@dvusd.org
Heath, Cheryl Service Coordinator 623-376-3939 cheryl.heath@dvusd.org
Karlie Stylinski Service Coordinator 623-376-3946 karlie.stylinski@dvusd.org
Juhas, Kristin OT/PT 623-376-3951 kristin.juhas@dvusd.org
Landis, David Service Coordinator/SES Coordinator 623-376-3963 david.landis@dvusd.org
Langford, Carolyn Speech 623-376-3922 carolyn.langford@dvusd.org
Miller, Alyssa HI 623-376-3928 alyssa.miller@dvusd.org
Ramirez, Susan Speech 623-376-3922 susan.ramirez@dvusd.org
Smidt, Kristin Preschool Speech 623-376-3922 kristin.smidt@dvusd.org
Roush, Ashley Service Coordinator 623 376-3963 ashley.roush@dvusd.org
Stylinski, Karlie Service Coordinator 623-376-3946 Karlie.Stylinski@dvusd.org
Ramos, AnaLisa Developmental Preschool AnaLisa.Ramos@dvusd.org
Ahlin, Laura Service Coordinator 623-376-3946 Laura.Ahlin@dvusd.org
Keli Janzen Service Coordinator 623-376-3946 keli.janzen@dvusd.org